Onslaught of medals for Oakley at the TTR World Snowboarding Championships in Oslo, Norway


The TTR World Championships Superpipe highlights (18/2/2012) in short:

Despite grey and rainy weather thousands of spectators flocked to the event of the year in the snowboarding world, the TTR World Championships of Snowboarding, staged just outside of Oslo, Norway.

But the weather conditions had their upside as well, because the Superpipe which was shaped to perfection, got super slick and super fast making for an even better spectacle of the rider’s displays (and some equally spectacular crashes).

The TTR introduced a new scoring system that makes results more transparent for riders and spectators alike: The four best tricks per run make for up to 60% of the score, while the rest goes to overall impression, such as execution or amplitude.

Oakley’s star Shaun White (USA) did not participate in the competition, probably due to an ankle injury that had already prevented his participation in the X Games Slopestyle competition just some weeks ago.

As usual, Kelly Clark (USA) dominated the ladies Superpipe contest, but the competition in form of Oakley’s Spanish rider Queralt Castellet closed in, winning second place with only one point on first place.

Queralt’s Oakley team member Gretchen Bleiler (USA) impressed with an exceptional Frontside 900 to Backside 900 combo to land on third place.

For the men, Iouri “Ipod” Podladtchikov (CH) integrated as many spins into his run without possibly getting dizzy; presenting a halfpipe run that deserved an uncontested first place.

But Oakley rider Matt Ladley (USA) also deserved some praise (and the silver medal) for his huge airs, getting bigger and higher with every hit, and an unofficial extra award for his great style.

The TTR World Championships Slopestyle highlights (19/2/2012) in short:

The next day the weather gods smiled onto the competitors with blue skies and sun, and the ensuing cold made the beautifully prepared and variable slopestyle course even slicker and faster.

In a close head-to-head result with Oakley’s Sebastien Toutant (CAN) it was Chas Guldemond (USA) who won the slopestyle gold, and with it also the overall TTR World Champion title.

As for the women, Spencer O’Brien (CAN) managed to overturn Jamie Anderson’s (USA) lead with her last run, becoming the beaming and rather overwhelmed world champion 2012.

What nobody managed to win? A £ 19,000 gold watch from Oakley that has been up for grabs since years for a quarterpipe air higher than 10m…

Well, there’s always next year!


Marion Schmitz


February 21, 2012