Sleighed It! Oakley Snow Team Stars Host Winter X Games Media at Private Pine Creek Cookhouse Event


Oakley sleighs it at Winter X Games. Literally.

Exhibit O: The super private media event on Tuesday night, where Oakley Team Snowboard and Ski Stars took industry reporters on a horse-drawn sleigh ride to the ultra-remote Pine Creek Cookhouse.

Literally in the middle of nowhere, Snowboard Team Rippers Eero Ettala, newly-signed Maddy Schaffrick, Gretchen Bleiler, Kohei Kudo and Matt Ladley – as well as Ski Star Simon Dumont – dined with and chatted with the media about the coming X Games contest this week and Oakley’s 2012 snow apparel/gear line. All following a chilly and undeniably memorable journey by sleigh in the dark of night in the outskirts of Aspen.

Pulled by impressively massive Percheron horses, Oakley’s staff, team and invited press personalities passed by the legendary Ashcroft Ghost Town – a historically sprawling mining town in 1879 – en route to the intimate and exquisite dinner.

Complete with one-on-one interviews with athletes, a video shoot and Oakley’s coming product lines on display, the night set the tone for yet another Winter X Games that will most definitely continue Oakley’s historically prominent presence in both competition and the overall industry scene in Aspen.

Peep the images in the gallery…