Nicolas “Nico” Müller was born in 1982 and grew up in Aarau, Switzerland, riding the great halfpipes of Laax Resort. Soon, Nico was gracing the pages of most major magazines with his unique style; and for the past five plus years has been considered by most the best all around rider in snowboarding. He rides every aspect of the mountain with a signature style very reminiscent of Mr. Haakonsen himself.

King of the mini-shred and one of the most down to earth dudes you will meet; Nico stands alone when it comes to busting out a proper method in the backcountry and throwing down his infamous one footers in the pipe. A global team rider for Burton, Nico travels the world with the best snowboarders on a regular basis, producing movie parts you will want to watch over and over again.

Over the past couple seasons Nico has filmed around the globe for Absinthe Films “More” and then Burton’s “For Wright or Wrong.” In these films Nico attacks the open terrain with reckless abandon, but flawless technique only possible by Müller himself. When asked by the legend, Terje had this to say. “Nicolas has the ability to read the terrain really well, he’s smooth and has a light-footed style.”

Nicolas Müller

Date of Birth:
April 25, 1982
Zurich, Switzerland
Nike, Burton, Nixon, Oakley, Atreebutes, Sudden Rush Guarana, Laax

Career Highlights

    • 2013: 3rd, Red Bull Ultra Natural – Baldface Mountain, B.C.
    • 2013: "Men's Rider Of The Year," TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders' Poll
    • 2013: "Standout Performance of the Year, " TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders' Poll – Real Snow Backcountry, Resonance part and Pirates' Unique 8
    • 2013: "No. 1 Rider of the Year," Snowboarder Magazine
    • 4x Major Part in Absinthe Films Movies
    • 2008: Snowboarder Magazine Rookie of the Year
    • 2007: 1st, O’Neill Evolution Quarterpipe
    • 2007: 3rd, Toyota Big Air
    • 2006: Snowboarder Magazine Rookie of the Year
    • 2005: 3rd, Burton European Open Halfpipe
    • 2005: 3rd, Toyota Big Air
    • 2005: 1st, Nissan X-Trail Big Air
    • 2005: Transworld SNOWboarding Rider of the Year
    • 2003: 2nd, Freestyle.Ch Big Air
    • 2002: 3rd, Freestyle.Ch Big Air
    • 2001: 1st, Freestyle.Ch Big Air