Ben Fee Reports In From TAC & Day 2 Photos


Practices usually suck. And are boring. Everyone can attest. USUALLY. USUALLY. For the 10th year of The Oakley Arctic Challenge, even the weather is Oslo was cooperating in hopes for seeing some time bomb watch-scooping airs. Most of the all time heavy hitters were in their heavy hitting’s heaviest on Tuesday and Wednesday. The man who started the event last decade, Terje Haakonsen, wasted no time in attempting to claim what is rightfully his: the title. And whom will he be claiming it from? Well, himself, from two years ago. But plank flanking him on these days, and giving him more than just a run for his money are the likes of the original standard setter, Ingemar Backman, Shayne “the Poss” Pospisil, Mads Jonsson, OG gold medalist Gian Simmen, multi-meter master Heikki Sorsa, French Fly Olivier Gittler, old guy in a young body Matt Ladley (who hit it like a veteran with Viagra… over and over and over again), Daniel Josefson-who broke his face, drank his own blood, and continued charging away, and a mess of others. It was serious. Way serious.

Tuesday’s temperate climate lent itself well to the thrashings of this well-packed crew of crews. 8+ meter airs already made everyone bite their nails with anticipation. Although there was such serious dedication, it was really nice, and even unavoidable to see everyone smiling and giving practice damn near their all. Shayne Pospisil has befriended many trannies lately, especially a little Philly in NY called Snow Scrapers, and isn’t afraid to reach around and get some big frontside… air that is. In between hits he was the first to openly admit that while most practices suck, this fine massive behemoth of a quarterpipe was downright delightful. With so many young riders destroying it, it’s a bit hard at first to separate everyone, mostly due to the clothes, but as the days ticked on, styles were coming out, like sun from behind the clouds. Jams were pumping. Babes were running around serving food and drink. The quarterpipe was standing around getting served like Rihanna. Oh, and the whole city of Oslo, by the way, got a heaping of whipped cream airy white love love powder served on top of it, giving the riders ample opportunity to get fresh tracks and laps going and going all day. With all these dudes just doing their thing it was like watching a video unravel right in front of our iPhones.

Ahh, things were really looking golden. That is until… Wait, that is until nothing. Thursday is almost upon us, and we’re going to see a lot of stuff get wild, weird and wicked. There is no doubt about that, and there is little doubt that you won’t hear of a new record from a little city by the sea called Oslo this time tomorrow. So, check this ish out!!!

The list of riders includes, but is not limited in greatness to: Yasauyuki Momose, Antti Autti, Arthur Longo, Christopher Kvaernberg, Colin Frei, Daniel Josefson, Gian Simmen, Heikki Sorsa, Henning Marthinsen, Henri Sankala, Kevin Pearce, Len Roald Jorgensen, Matt Ladley, Niki Korpela, Olivier Gittler, Peetur Piiroinen, Pal Sorensen, Risto Mattila, Shayne Pospisil, Sindre Iversen, Stale Sandbekk, Trym Nordgard, Ingemar Backmen, Mads Jonsson, and whoever else gets the nod from Terje.