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October 2010

  • Ski Pros. Film. Party. Poor Boyz Productions' Triple Threat Tour Is Raging to a Town Near You


    Posted almost 4 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    How do you know when Father Winter is officially fist pumping his way into the limelight? That’s easy. Poor Boyz Productions’ Triple Threat Tour: the Ski community’s raucous manner of kicking off the season. From athletes (including Oakley stars), sick ski movie premiers to utterly raging parties that literally rock every town hit with Poor Boyz fever – the Triple Threat Tour promises three things: Pros. Film. Party.


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    Posted almost 4 years ago by Greg Strokes

    The Inspired crew had a busy schedule and a stacked bus launching Eric Iberg’s latest masterpiece. A gripping in your face documentary titled “Like a Lion” that covers Tanner Hall’s rise to the top as it happened.