Perfect O Storm: Cam Zink Throws Down 360 Off of Oakley’s ‘Icon Sender’ to Triumph at Red Bull Rampage 2010

Red Bull Rampage 2010

It was a perfect O storm…literally.

Oakley Team Rider Cam Zink threw down a huge 360 off of Oakley’s much-feared, artistically stunning feature, the ‘Icon Sender,’ to emerge victorious with the ‘Best Trick’ Award and the overall win at Red Bull Rampage 2010. To top if all off, the triumph secured him the Freeride Mountain Bike (FMB) World Tour Season Overall Title.

Just a day before the finals in Virgin, Utah, intense wind and lightning storms tore through the event site as athletes prepped for the big day. Fast forward to Sunday: despite rapidly changing weather conditions – marked by sporadic rain, lightning and wind – the most insane finals in Rampage history went down. And Oakley was clearly the star.

Zink suffered a big crash while attempting the 360 earlier in the day during his first run – cracking his helmet, breaking his seat off and shaking him up. Checked by the medic team as he reported seeing white spots in his vision – Cam was in a tough spot as riders scrambled up the mountain after lunch in a big rush. A weather advisory had the event organizers speed up the contest, leaving little to no time for Cam to decide if he’d take a second run. But in true Oakley spirit, he sacked up for another run at the title.

And despite being mentally iced at the top of the mountain due to numerous weather delays, Cam jumped right back into the action when the weather cleared. And he charged. Big time.

The long-time Oakley ripper landed the 360 flawlessly through the 40 foot drop, sending the scores of media, industry insiders and spectators into a wild frenzy. Earlier in the day, there was doubt that a ‘3’ was even possible off the Sender.

“I thought I was going to land the first one,” Cam said on the mountain shortly after his glorious run. “I didn’t think I was landing the second one. I didn’t push hard enough…I was a little off-axis – but I just held on. The first one, I wasn’t ready for it I guess. I landed harder the second time, but it didn’t bounce. The shocks sucked it all up.”

The accomplishment was a huge moment in the sport – taking its progression to new levels.

“Being Rampage champion is a dream,” he said at the podium site, dedicating his win to Oakley’s Motocross Star Ryan Dungey. Cam wore Dungey’s number ‘5’ on his Oakley Dungey Signature Series Mayhem Goggle band to pay tribute to the MX rider’s epic rookie season (first MX rider in history to win both the AMA Motocross Championship and the Supercross Championship) – and to display his admiration for his drive and character.

“It’s one of the first real mountain bike contests ever and if I were to tell anyone – this is what mountain biking is, this contest would be it. So to win this is the most amazing thing in the world. In all honesty I’d rather win Red Bull Rampage than any other event.”

Fittingly, the triumph also won Cam an Oakley Time Bomb II watch (worth more than $2,700) and a set of limited-edition Oakley Moto Grips (the first Oakley product from 1975). Only appropriate for a day dominated by Oakley!

Oakley’s Gee Athlerton, who killed his first run of the Finals with a clean speedy run and a huge gap to wall ride, grabbed the second spot. But all Oakley riders threw down big time all day long, including Cedric Gracia (14th), Andreu Lacondeguy (4th), Kyle Strait(8th) and more.

Congratulations to all of Oakley’s Team Riders and all who took part in building the gnarly creation that was the Oakley Icon Sender.

Now check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes flip cam videos from onsite:

Oakley Mountain Bike Manager Steve Blick Preps with Cam Zink and Oakley Riders Before the Finals – above Oakley’s Icon Sender

Cam Zink Crashes In His First Run of the Finals

Lead Medic Checks Cam Before Being Cleared for His Second Run of the Finals

Cam Landing the 360 Off the Icon Sender

Right After the Winning Run!

Behind-the-Scenes with Cedric Gracia: Prepping For Finals During a Wind/Lighting Storm

Oakley Mountain Bike Manager Steve Blick Chats With Team Riders Cam Zink, Andreu Lacondeguy and Kyle Strait Before the Finals Above the Icon Sender