Heating Up: Oakley’s Sidney Crosby Smashing Through Epic Season, to Star on HBO Show with Alex Ovechkin


The ice is about to catch fire. Big time.

Oakley NHL Stars Sidney Crosby of the Penguins and Alexander Ovechkin of the Capitals generally don’t get along very well. Well the two ice chargers’ well-publicized rivalry is set to blaze to new heights, as the two are being highlighted in HBO’s special series, “24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic” from Dec. 15 until New Years Day – when their two bitter rival squads collide (at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh).

It’ll definitely be a war. And the buildup is making it that much more intense as both have continued to steal headlines…and TV screens.

Sidney’s season is shaping up to be truly epic up to this point, as he continues to hold a commanding lead in the NHL All-Star voting. And for good reason. He leads the league in goals (26) and points (51) – on track to rack up 135 this season, which would be the highest total in the 15 years since the legendary Mario Lemieux put up 161. He’s also has tallied a goal or an assist (or both) in 18 straight games, posting an average of two points per game since November.

The scary part: He’s getting noticeably rougher on the ice and a more mature player overall. But ask him what he thinks, and it’s all just business as usual.

“I don’t feel I’ve changed a lot,” said Sid, who isn’t mentally seeking to match or beat the records set by the great Wayne Gretzky or Lemieux. “You look at those records and some of the things they were able to do, and in my mind, whether it’s good or bad, I think some of those things won’t be touched.”

No matter what, he’s set for an all-time season. His Capitals counterpart and fellow Oakley athlete Alex Ovechkin, however, is having a bit of a rough streak with his team on a bit of a slump at the moment. But that doesn’t detract from his global sports star status.

He’s not only gracing the Winter Classic HBO special…he’s just released his own 60-Minute Documentary on his life: “Alex Ovechkin: the Gr8” – which is making its TV debut tonight (Dec. 14) on the NHL Network. The show will take viewers on an in-depth journey into Alex’s upbringing in Moscow – and how he was shaped into what he is today.

In the case of both specials, hockey fans and general sports fans alike will have themselves an icy hot holiday treat with some of the most dynamic personalities in Hockey…who happen to rock Oakley visors whenever they take to the ice, that is.

Watch for both “24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic” (HBO) and “Alex Ovechkin: the Gr8” (NHL Network and DVD) as we stream toward New Years Day and the big rivalry game.

And scope the below video preview of the HBO Special!


Andrew De Lara


December 14, 2010

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