Madison Square Garden Tennis: Sharapova vs. MCILROY?! Oakley’s World No. 1 Golfer Scores Point in Exhibition


No, you didn’t misread it. Rory McIlroy can get down on the Tennis court…kind of.

During a vibrant exhibition match at Madison Square Garden in New York, Caroline Wozniacki, his significant other, took on Maria Sharapova before a massive crowd this week at the BNP Paribas Showdown.

But it wasn’t Caroline who’d snatch the headlines from this match.

After a light-hearted dance number between Sharapova and a member of the audience during a break, Caroline asked the crowd if “someone would dance” with her.

Enter Rory.

The newly crowned World No. 1 ranked golfer hopped onto the court and took on Sharapova for himself, in his killer Oakley Habitual Motion sweater. What a great boyfriend.

The result was a shocker. Check it:

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Andrew De Lara


March 07, 2012

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