Nac Nac Double Back: FMX Star Cam Sinclair Grabs Best Trick Silver at X Games 17


FMX ‘Best Trick’ just keeps getting gnarlier. And Cam Sinclair knows this first hand.

Oakley’s Aussie Freestyle Motocross Star – coming off a dazzling victory in the event last year with a double back flip – took it one step further at X Games 17, throwing down a nac nac double flip for the Silver Medal.

The first to ever bust out a double back combo, his feat racked up a massive 94.66 score. But it wasn’t quite enough, as he was edged out by fellow Aussie Jackson Strong, who landed the first-ever front flip in the contest’s history.

Nonetheless, the runner-up spot was a solid one for the O charger. It was a release from the stress from the last few weeks leading up to Summer X.

“For the last two weeks this one trick has been my only focus and I just couldn’t figure it out,” Cam said, rocking his Oakley Motocross Goggles. “Every time into the foam pit, the bike was twisting sideways on me. I knew if I didn’t get it right I was going to have a big crash.”

He threw it down this year. But he knows well that it’s never an easy feat.

“I only really figured out what I had to do Wednesday and the competition was Thursday. I did seven jumps into the foam pit, then had to pack up my ramp and head to LA. I was super nervous. I had to write instructions on my bike, just to remind me what to focus on when it was time to go!”

Crashes are all too familiar for Cam. Despite throwing the double down last X Games, he was critically injured while attempting the trick in Spain in 2009. Since then, however, he’s been ripping in contest. And he’s still collecting that precious hardware.

“Winning another X Games medal means everything to me. I’d really like to thank everyone that has supported me in getting to this point; my sponsors, my family and friends; everyone has been amazing. I’ll go back to the drawing board now and see what I can come up with for next year!”

Congratulations to Cam for the Silver!

Peep the medal run below:


Andrew De Lara


August 01, 2011

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