Young Icon: BMX Ripper Chase Hawk Cruises Into X Games 17 With Speed and Style


Don’t know about Oakley’s roots? Now’s the time for a little refresher.

X Games 17 is the ultimate reminder of the company’s roots in BMX.

From the company’s founding in 1975, the sport has been at the brand’s core. Whether it’s our very first product, high-tech BMX/Motocross grips, to our first athletes, BMX has been at the very heart of the Big O. So let’s take the time to introduce you to the future.

Enter Chase Hawk.

Oakley’s BMX ripper, known far and wide in the industry as one of the most respected riders for his sheer style, speed and fluidity, Chase is a model of what the O BMX Team stands for these days. And he’s about to drop into X Games 17’s BMX Park contest, his own way.

Not a pure ‘contest rider’ by any means, he’s more known for his sick video parts, killer freeride sessions and just having fun on his bike.

He’s looked up to by the younger riders, loved by his peers and best of all, doesn’t try too hard to jam a million gnarly maneuvers into a run.

In other words, he rides to beat of his own drum. Period.

With a badarse X Games debut last year, Chase turned heads immediately with his speed on the course. Being the non-contest guy that he is, he displayed his awesome potential for success in the X Games spotlight…until leaving the contest in the finals with an injury, that is.

The bottom line is, if you have love for the sport – just pure BMX in general – you need to watch out for this kid at X Games 17 this year.

Be sure to follow @OakleyAction on Twitter and Oakley on Facebook for some live updates from onsite. And tune into one of the ESPN networks to catch the full action.

In the meantime, peep this sick DefGrip video Chase released this past year.


Andrew De Lara


July 27, 2011