Money: O Skate Slasher Greg Lutzka Claims New York Maloof Cup, Bags Record Prize


Cha ching.

Greg Lutzka is going home with some more cash money…$160,000 to be exact. Oakley’s Skate Team Ripper scored the sport’s largest cash prize by emerging victorious at the New York Maloof Money Cup this past weekend, topping Dennis Busenitz with a frontside 270 to backside nose bluntslide to a frontside bigspin to noseslide.

More than 25,000 fans came out throughout the event to witness the new Pro Street Finals head-to-head elimination format that focused the crowd on two skaters in the heat – instead of pitting multiple riders against each other at once as was done in the past.

“This was the best contest,” Greg said, also enjoying the newly renovated Maloof Skate Park in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens. “The head-to-head format was great; better than having five guys going at once. The crowd was so into it; it’s easier for them to follow it and it’s more exciting for them to watch. When you’re skating head-to-head with someone else, you vibe off them. You never know who you’re going to get paired with. It’s like a game of Mortal Combat.”

Bsenitz, a crowd favorite, busted out a kickflip over the hubba in the fist heat – dazzling spectators. But it wasn’t enough to edge Greg, who stuck trick after trick in an overwhelming barrage.

Congrats to Greg on the big win!