Repairs & After-Sales

Oakley after-sales service History:

Here at Oakley we have been helping brand loyal consumers for over 15 years. Our goal where ever possible, is to help all Oakley consumers continue using and enjoying our products for years to come. Unfortunately not everything can be fixed so we’ve tailored our services to be as cost effective as possible as long as we have spare parts available to offer you the frame, lenses or unobtainium components you require.


Sometimes all you need is the little bits to make your sunglasses like new again. We sell the main earsock and nosepeice kits online but for older styles or ones not listed we can help. Either drop us an email or give us a call confirming the style you have and one of our agents will be able to process these as a small parts order, prices start at €10 / £8.


Oakley doesn’t sell frames but under our exclusive ‘Evaluation Fee’ scheme if your sunglass frame gets damaged beyond use or fails outside of the original warranty period then all may not be lost. As long as we have the frames available we will supply you a new one with prices starting from €24 / £20 for our O-Matter frames rising to €90 / £75 for our top end frame materials.

X-Metal Frames:

Our X-Metal frames were hand assembled using gaskets and engineering pins on the bridge section. Comfort flex is built into these pivots and so the gaskets can wear out, if they do they’ll need replacing. We can replace the pins, gaskets and the frame consumables (subject to availability) for a one off charge starting at €33 / £27.50 giving your frame a new lease of life.

Simply package up your X-Metal sunglasses safely to avoid damage, add a covering letter providing all your contact details and send it to your nearest returns depot (as listed on our returns page). You do not require a returns number for this service work and once we’ve received your X-Metals we’ll be in touch to confirm everything and arrange payment prior to the work being carried out.


Lenses are available for most of the recent styles and we aim to maintain service stock for up to two years after manufacturing has stopped. If you have a sunglass style that you cannot see online and need to replace your lenses there’s a chance we can help. Get in touch with us and let us know which style you have, the customer care agent will check service stock and be able to process an order for you if they are available.


Our watches come with batteries that should last anywhere from one to six years from new dependent upon specification. The warranty card you received at the time of purchase will confirm the battery life expectation. All watches need to come back for repairs so package up your watch carefully to avoid damage and send it along with a covering letter to your nearest returns hub (as listed on our returns page). If you are outside the warranty time period we can replace your battery and pressure test your watch from €20 / £15. Other services like new straps or bracelets and crystal replacement can also be handled as long as we have available parts; just get in touch for a quote.

Apparel, Footwear & Accessories:

Your warranty is held at the point of purchase and will range from 30 days to two years depending upon the product. Oakley unfortunately cannot offer a direct repair service for these products but if the product has failed and you are not near the store you purchased the item from please follow the warranty instructions and we’ll be in touch. If you have purchased your apparel, Footwear or Accessories directly from Oakley online please confirm your order number and we can arrange an authorized returns number to you so a credit can be processed.

Historic Sunglasses:

We have manufactured plenty of iconic products over the last 35 years and there are some that we consistently get asked about for spare part availability. This following list isn’t exhaustive but contains the most commonly requested styles that unfortunately as production has stopped many years ago we are unable to provide frames or lenses for anymore.

Alloy styles: A Wire, E Wire, C Wire, Square Wire, T Wire (late 1990’s to late 2000’s) generations, Half Wire, Half Wire 2.0, Why 8 series, Hatchet & Jury.

O-Matter styles: EyeJacket, Straight Jacket (except current edition), Five (except current editions), Ten, Minute, XX (Twenty), Dartboard, Riddle, OTT’s, Thump (all series) & O-Rokr.

If you are in any doubt over what you have please forward a few decent images to us so we can help identify your sunglasses and confirm if we are able to supply the parts you require.

For confirmation on our repairs and after-sales Policy or general information on your product, please contact Oakley’s Customer Care team on or by calling 00800 6255 3985. The agent will assist you in identifying your Oakley product and determine the best course of action.