Oakley Raids Another Shoe Factory in Brazil


Oakley is a company built on authenticity, and we don’t take kindly to those who seek to undermine that tenant by making and/or selling counterfeit Oakley merchandise. That’s why, for the third time this year, we raided a Brazilian shoe factory that was making fake Oakley kicks.

The Sao Paolo factory we took down was producing about two thousand pairs of shoes and flip-flops every week. Our security personnel recovered 369 pairs of counterfeit Oakley shoes, thirty pairs of counterfeit Oakley flip-flops and over a thousand other items used to manufacture counterfeit shoes—including Oakley branded shoe soles, in-soles, silk screens, metal and rubber Ellipse logos, and branded flip-flop straps.

When you buy Oakley products, you can be certain you’re getting the real thing.


Danny Evans


March 27, 2012

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