World Class Skateboard Artist Turned Loose in SF Oakley O Store

RETAIL-11-4194-Market St. TF Branding-11-29-2011 0373

Last year Complex Magazine ranked Todd Francis one of the top five skateboard artists on the planet. High praise indeed. But an artist of Todd¹s stature and skill isn¹t content to be confined to just one medium, so Todd recently set his sights and his paintbrush on an interior wall of the Oakley Store on Market Street in San Francisco.

Awash in hues of yellow, gold and brown, Todd¹s Oakley Store mural depicts a fusion of two very different worlds: an old, broken down, four-door sedan with a large tree growing up through the engine block and a pair of jungle cats chilling nearby.

This may be Todd¹s boldest interaction with Oakley, but it¹s not his first. Years ago, he designed a Special Edition Artist Series version of our popular Oakley Eyepatch sunglasses.

Visit Todd’s site at for more of his work.

Want to get a closer look at Todd¹s mural? Swing by the Oakley Store and feast your eyes:

842 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102